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Mole Metallo Poliuretano

Polyurethane wheels

LS: Aggressive, compact and firm abrasive wheel, particularly suited for burrs’ removal and polishing cycles on shaped workpieces made of surface treated steel, stainless steel and other types of materials.
Available grits: 60-80-100-120-180-220
Available diameters: 80-100-150-200 mm
E: Soft wheel particularly suited for finishing and lapping cycles and for small removal operations where particular flexibility and adaptability are required.
Available grits: 60-80-100-120-180-220-280-320-400-600-800-1000
Available diameters: 100-150-200 mm
BS: Soft and flexible wheel ideal for silverware and costume jewellery.
Available grits: 180-220-240
Available diameters: 80-100-150 mm