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Mole Convolute per Legno


World markets have an increasingly wide range of wood type, coming from different areas and climates. Even the same plant can provide different types of wood with different features if it was grown in parts of the world where climate may have influenced its characteristics. This situation made us plan and develop new abrasive wheels with the following features:

  1. a compact structure allows an easy shaping process;
  2. a uniform structure, enables the wheel to constantly keep the shape of the profile to sand
  3. a soft structure, preserves the mechanical parts of the sanding machine.

These wheels share the same basic features, but at the same time each of them has a special field of application: for this reason, before describing them in detail, it is necessary to go through some general considerations:

  1. To achieve good results by using a machine equipped exclusively with wheel groups, it’s recommendable to use at least two wheels on the same segment’s profile, the first one to rough out and the second one to finish. However, the use of a single grit does not rule out the possibility to achieve extremely positive results.
  2. In this particular case, the moulding process, i.e. the manufacturing cycle through which the wheel gradually takes the required shape, is greatly simplified: the wheels’ components, thanks to a flexible and homogeneous structure, play a primary role in ensuring a great tightness level of the profile’s pattern during the whole polishing process up until its complete usage.
  3. Each wheel of this category owns a single and unique abrasive grit.

LWX wheels : closed structure wheels characterized by a quite aggressive abrasive strength: it’s recommended to use LWX wheels only on medium to hard and veneered woods where a too aggressive polishing process is not necessary.
LAD wheels: open structure wheels characterized by a sufficiently aggressive abrasive strength; to use on hard or veneered woods; LAD wheels can be employed before using the sanding belts in order to eliminate glue leakages while protecting the belts from an early wear
LAE wheels: open structure wheels characterized by a medium level of abrasive strength to use on medium to hard or veneered woods; LAE wheels can be employed after using the sanding belts in order to obtain a smooth finish.
LAF wheels: open structure wheels, to use on soft woods with no grain after using the sanding belts to obtain a smooth finish.