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Abrasive Wheels for Wooden Pieces

Nastri Abrasivi

Abrasive Tapes

We treasure our cooperation with the world’s leading industries manufacturing abrasive papers and cloths so that we are able to perfectly meet our customers’ requirement regarding measures, sizes and abrasive […]
Ruote in Tessuto Abrasivo Flap

Abrasive Flap Wheels

The abrasive sheet is a combination of a nylon fabric characterized by a tight or close-woven weft with an abrasive material such as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide or corundum.
Mole Convolute per Legno

Convolute Abrasive Wheels

World markets have an increasingly wide range of wood types coming from different areas and climates: this wide variety entails a number of differences during the manufacturing cycles even for […]
Mole legno MDF Essegi Abrasivi

MDF Abrasive Wheels

Poor materials such as MDF and chipboard are playing an increasingly important role within the furniture industry; they lord it over also in the wallcovering processes within housing area.
Mole per Legno Grezzo

Abrasive Wheels for Rough Wood

Nature offers a wide range of wood types, which hinders the smooth cycling of non-varnished profiles and frames made of rough wood .
Mole per Legno Verniciato

Abrasive Wheels for Varnish

Essegi Abrasivi offers a wide range of shapeable abrasive wheels to use within sanding and finishing cycles of all kinds of varnished profiles.