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Essegi At A Glance

Essegi Abrasivi is a company born towards the end of the 1980s: we produce abrasive products particularly suited for processing wooden and metal surfaces.

Within the mechanical industry, our products find a wide range of applications: polishing, satinizing, burrs’ removal on metals and general processing cycles of rough or varnished surfaces.

We work together with the most important firms manufacturing frames and profiles: this invaluable cooperation has constantly given us a chance to develop high-performing products that fit all wood types such as MDF and veneered woods. Our abrasive wheels are specially designed to be assembled on a wide range of sanding machines (Giardina, Cefla, Delle Vedove, Dima, Makor, Streams, etc.).

Our abrasive products are available in different diameters and abrasive grits and they can be fully personalized to perfectly meet all the requirements of our customers.

Our products are merchandised within the principal European capitals