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We have been processing abrasive wheels for over 25 years

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Our abrasive wheels enable us to provide our customers an excellent polishing of metal watch straps.


We supply precision mechanisms particularly suited for manufacturing spectacle frames within the eye-wear industry.

Agri-food industry

Our products find a new application dimension within the agri-food industry: our abrasive wheels play a primary role in the manufacturing cycles processed by winemakers and in the production processes of oil tanks and further products.

Expertise and Quality

For over 25 years, our company has been playing an active role in the market of abrasive products: we offer high-quality products that are available in different diameters and abrasive grits.


We provide our customers standardised or customized products characterized by an excellent price performance ratio.

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We are committed to deliver the supplies requested within a very short time and we guarantee our customers efficient after-sale support and expert technical assistance.


Our line of standard products for wood and metals
Quality and professional competence

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